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Administrator Guide


Once the file has downloaded completely, please open the folder containing the file you downloaded.

Double-click the installation file you just downloaded to start installing MING messenger Server on your computer.

Server Tabs

Server program is divided into several tabs, each with a specific purpose. To show a tab, simply click on the title bar. 

Online Tab

The Online Tab shows all local online users and details of the user, include number ( Each person has  an unique number ), name, IP-number, Source ID ( denote different media ),  and status. Click "Refresh" button to refresh the  table of online users.

Conference Tab

The Conference Tab shows all active conferences and details of each conference, include participants in the conference, speakers who is speaking, and attributes of the conference. Click "Refresh" button to refresh the  table of conferences.

Conference List

The Conference List Tab shows a list of recent conferences. The Conference List is a convenient place to see who held the conference , what is the subject, how long it took and when.

Call List

The Call List Tab shows a list of recent peer to peer calls. The Call List is a convenient place to see who called whom, how long it took and when.

Users List

The Users List Tab shows a list of local members. The Users List shows the details of all local users, including name, password, friends and groups. You can add, delete and modify a user account. And you can also create and delete a group.

Config List

The Config List Tab offers a comprehensive set of administrative and management facilities for controlling the behavior of the server, setting up the network and managing its operation. You can configure security and audio codecs. And you can check status of the license or connections.

Users Configuration

Users Configuration function allows the server's administrator to add, delete and modify a user account. The user account must exist on the server before the user Signs in.

Each user's record includes different data fields: Field "Number" is used to identify each user, each user's number is different. Field "Name" and "Password" are used to sign in. Field "Status" has two status: "Active" and "Closed", the administrator can set the value to "Closed" if he want to disenable the user. Field "Date" is the date when the user is created. Field "Type" means user type, normal or VIP. note: Only VIP user can send Video, this can control the network bandwidth. Field "Group" is the group which the user is in, users are managed in groups. 

When you want to add a new user account, just click "+" button above. And click "-" button to delete the selected user. Click "Friend" to find out all the friends of the selected user.

User group tree is just like a directory tree, can have several levels. This reflects the structure of a company or entity. For example, a company has several departments, and a department has several teams. You can add, modify and delete groups by clicking the buttons on the top of the form. You click the group item on the left, the users in the group will display on the right. Click "All users" to show all the users no matter what group they are in. 

Network Configuration

In Config->Communication tab Network Configuration function allows the server's administrator to change the communication port. Ports of client program should match the server's configuration.  After the administrator have modified the value and click the "Enable" button, he must reboot the server program to activate it.

Security Configuration 

In Config->Security tab Security Configuration function allows the administrator to enable/disenable the communication encryption function. All communication, including file transfer, can be done through an password oriented encrypted channel to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the data. The communication channels are comprised of control channel and data channel. The control channel refers the communication signaling which is transferred between client and server. The data channel refers the raw data of audio, video and others, which are mostly transferred between clients. The control channel and data channel can use different password. The communication data is encrypted by the password string. Different password, different result of encrypting communication data. So, the administrator can change password string to obtain an unique communication data stream. This will improve the communication security.

If you want to enable control channel encryption, check the Item "Encrypt all client-server communication" and input the password. The data channel is the same. After you click "Apply" button and restart the server program, the encrypted channel will work. This will cause communication break between client and server. 

Note: The encryption will take some resource and cause some delay in communication. The client program do not need to configure for security. All the configuration is done by the administrator, although communication data is peer-to-peer encrypted.


The Config->License tab displays the information about the License key that the installation is using. The demo version limited 5 simultaneous users and can be used no more than 30 days ( maybe shorter than 30 days ). If you purchase a new key, click on "install new key" on this panel. The server must be stopped good night during the installation of the key. 

Audio codecs

The Config->Codecs tab Allows the administrator to change the default audio codecs in voice chat. The default is the Standard mode which will take less bandwidth and is recommended. The Broad Band mode will use more bandwidth. 

Connection Status

The Config->Connection tab Shows the total number of concurrent connections. You can click "Refresh" button refresh it. By clicking "Communication errors" button to show errors, but it is used only for us to solve problems for customers, not for the administrator. The administrator can email us the  *.err files under the directory when the server program was installed, if some problem are found.

Broadcast message

The Config->Broadcast tab Allows the administrator to send a message to all online users. 

Call List

The Call List Tab shows a list of recent peer to peer calls. The Call List is a convenient place to see all the information of every call.

The Caller is the person who made the call. The Callee is the person who accepted the call. "1:39" means that the call took about one minute and 39 seconds. 




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