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Welcome to MING Messenger homepage!

MING Messenger is a secure private IM system designed for enterprise. It is a easy, fast and affordable way to host and manage your own real-time communication software. It supplies user both the server and client programs. The software can be used on a private network without connecting to the Internet or be  used inside and outside the company firewall over the internet. 

What is Enterprise IM?

Efficient communications are a necessary ingredient for any successful corporation. Over the past decade traditional paper-oriented communication through memos and documents has been replaced by the widespread use of email within businesses. The growing popularity of Instant Messaging for personal use has created interest by corporations to apply the same technology for improving business communications. The emergence of Enterprise Instant Messaging promises a revolution in communications within corporations and between businesses. Unlike public instant messaging networks that are geared for entertainment purposes, the Enterprise Instant Messenger (EIM) meets the special requirements of a corporate environment.


Why should I deploy MING Messenger in my Enterprise?

Widespread adoption of secure enterprise instant messaging systems for business is inevitable and happening now. The MING Messenger conform to a higher standard in several critical areas.
Secure - provides the means to control, limit access to, and protect vital communications and data transported through the network.
Stable - operates reliably regardless of the demands placed on it by the network environment or users.
Cost-Effective - Costs associated with long-distance phone and fax usage, travel, overnight deliveries and email attachments are dramatically reduced.
Manageability - Accurate records of all conversations & conferences through the network are stored for the end user and administrator. Ability to allow or prohibit employees to use IM inside or outside the network, and enforce the use of professional screen names.


Key Features

Easy to use, Simple installation that will have you up and running in minutes.
Increased Productivity: By design, the system does not allow users to talk to people outside of the system. This will decrease the amount of time people spend talking to outsiders on non-work related issues using public IM systems.
MING Messenger offers what is the most useful in offices: Instant message, real-time chat, message alert, email checking, online presence management, file transfer, and multi-user rich-text/video/audio conference. 
A useful Messenger Server Admin tool allows you to adjust settings, manage log files, create account and divide users into different groups.
Broadcasting message: MING Messenger allows you to send a message or a file to several contacts at the same time.
Firewall Friendly: All communication, including file transfers, is done through the server, so it works every time, even across personal firewalls.
Encryption: All communication, including file transfer, can be done through an encrypted channel to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the data.
Authentification: Access to the system are done using a zero-knowledge protocol that authentificates both the server and the client.
Friendly User Interface: If you are familiar with public IM systems like MSN Messenger, then you will be using our products in no time. 
Effective alerting: You can hear the ringing even you are far from the computer.
No spyware, adware or other unwanted extra programs.


What's new

January 5, 2005
- MING Messenger 1.0 released.