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Client User Guide


Once the file has downloaded completely, please open the folder containing the file you downloaded.

Double-click the installation file you just downloaded to start installing MING messenger Client on your computer.

If you wish, you can allow MING messenger to start automatically each time you start windows. With MING messenger always running, other users will be more likely to find you online. You can change these settings at any time from the client program by going to the "System" menu and selecting Config->Startup.

Starting messenger for the First Time

The first time you start MING messenger client, you will be asked  to choose a Name and password. The Name and password fields are required in order to use messenger. The name and password are user account which is stored on the server. This means that the account must exist on the server before it exists in the client. Ask the administrator to get your account and input it by going to "System" menu and selecting "Config".

Then you must check network configuration in page "Server", The "IP address and domain name of  Server" item should be the name or IP-number of the machine where the server is running and the Ports should match the server's configuration.  

MING messenger Tabs

MING messenger is divided into several tabs, each with a specific purpose. To show a tab, simply click on the title bar. 

Contacts Tab

The Contacts Tab shows Online friends, all the friends which you have added to your Friends List, and all the local users which are divided into groups. You can right-click any User Name in your Contact List to see a number of choices for communicating with, or managing this user in your Contact List. To add a friend to your Contacts, simply right-click a User Name in "Local Users" and select “add to friends”. Also you can click the User Name to select the user and click icon above to send him an instant message, a file or call him.

Conference Tab

The Conference Tab shows some useful information when you host or attend a conference. It shows all the contacts in the meeting, the speakers who are speaking, and attributes of the meeting. You can create a meeting by clicking the "Create" button above or invite a contact to attend the meeting by clicking the "Invite" button. When you want to speak, Click "Speak" button to request voice. Also you can broadcast your video to several participants by selecting any participant and clicking "Video" button. Follow the similar step, you can send a file or message to any participant.

Record Tab

The Record Tab shows lists of recent communication, including a list of recent calls you have made, a list of messages you have received or sent , a list of conferences you have participated in, and a list of files you have received. The Call List is a convenient place to see who you spoke with and when. You can also reply or forward the messages in the Message List by selecting any previous message and clicking "Reply" button or "Forward" button. You can also open the files in the File List by selecting any previous file and clicking "Open" button or save the file to a directory by clicking "Save" button.

System Tab

The System Tab shows some important information. You can also check fault information or voice status by clicking "Fault" or "Voice" button.
Send Text Message

Text Message allows you to “chat” with other users using your keyboard. In many cases, This may be useful for communicating with other users instead of, or in addition to voice communication.

When you receive an Text Message from another user, a window will popup and display the text message with a sound. You can click "Reply" button to reply this message to the sender.

There are several ways to send a text message: 

  • Simply right-click a User Name and select "Send Text message" to Send a text message at any time.
  • Select the User Name in your Contact List and then click the "Text" Button at the top of the window.
  • Click menu item IM->Broadcast Text Message to broadcast a text message to several contacts.
Calling with MING messenger

There are several ways to call another user:

  • From the Contacts List, simply right-click a Contact (who is also online) and select "Call Contact". You can also select a user name and press the Call button on the quick toolbar.
  • In the Call->Dial window you can enter the user's number (Each person has  an unique number which is displayed near user name, such as Jack [1002] ) and press enter.

After you have called the user, the user will hear alerting sound. If the user accept the call, the voice conversation session will be activated and you can speak to each other. At the same time, a new window will open with the IM "chat" session active. Simply type the message and press enter to "chat". Different from text message, you can change font color or font size of the instant message.

If you have a webcam, you can Click "Video" button to invite the user to view your video. After the user accept your invitation, a video session from you to the user is active, he will see your video.


Starting a conference is simple with MING messenger. First, the host of conference must create a conference and choose attributes of conference.

Above, Item "Only conference creator can accept incoming call" means that anyone who want to join the conference must be permitted by the host. If item "Only conference creator can invite other contact" is not checked, it means that every participant in the conference can send invitation to other local user. Item "Multi speakers" mode means that several participants can speak at the same time, the voice will be mixed and broadcasted to every participant in the conference. But this mode it will take more bandwidth than "Single Speaker" mode.

Second, the host can invite other participants to join the conference. When the conference session is active, a IM "chat" session with a new window is active too. If someone request to speak by click "Speak" button, he must wait his turn. If he is speaking, the button "Speak" will be changed to "Mute". Because the number of speakers is limited, the people should give up by click "Mute" button when he finished speaking.

 If you have a webcam, you can Click "Video" button to invite any participant to view your video. At the same time, you can send your video to several participants. Button "Text" and "File" allow you to send text message or file to a participant.

Send File

There are several ways to send a file: 

  • Simply right-click a User Name and select "Send File" to Send a file at any time.
  • Select the User Name in your Contact List and then click the "File" Button at the top of the window.
  • In a conference session, select the participant in your Participants List and then click the "File" Button at the top of the window.
  • Click menu item IM->Broadcast Files to broadcast a file to several contacts.

When the file is being transferred, the progress of transferring file is displayed as XX% at the bottom of the main window.

When you receive a file from another user, a window will popup with a sound and indicate where the file is saved. The default directory is "RECEIVE" under the directory where messenger is installed. You can click "Save As" button to save the file to other place.

Email Checking

You can enable email checking by changing your email account settings in System->Config->Email tab. Then MING messenger will automatically check email for you periodically.

Modify Ring Tones

You can modify Tones settings in System->Config->Ring Tones tab. The Alert tone is composed of music notes:

music note syllabical notations
music note 1,! Do
music note 2,@ Re
music note 3,# Mi
music note 4,$ Fa
music note 5,% Sol
music note 6,^ La
music note 7,& Si
0:pause R:repeat

So, you can modify the ring tones as you like, even you can choose a fashionable music.  

Item "Message" in the tab means sound when a message, a file or a notification is received. Item "Calls" means ringing when a contact is calling in.






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